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Methods of Water Purification Reviews & The BENEFITS of Aquasana Water Filters

If you found this site, you're like me very worried about the drinking and bathing water quality or just want to know more about Aquasana water filters available.

Nowadays, we're just beginning to develope the most vital habit in ourselves to be healthier - drinking pure water.

The paradox is, although, today in times of growing health awareness, our drinking water purity is leaving much to be desired. Many thorough researches are now showing that there are more than 2,100 contaminants in our drinking water. These toxins contain: chlorine, lead, VOCs, THMs, cysts, turbidity and chemicals that come into the source from huge farming run offs...

As you might guess, these substances may be found in your tap water.

I used to think that I'm protecting myself by drinking bottled water. But it turned out that bottled water can be the biggest rip-off. It turned out that there are just no US government standards that require bottled water be any better.

I found the following FDA statement: "Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public."

Thus, what's the answer if you would like to defend the health of you and your relatives? As you already guessed it is the employ of a home water filtration system.

But not all filtration systems are equally good. You see, there are some major differences between products on the market today. Even more costly water filters do not necessarily are of superior quality.

Some of the facts to keep in mind before choosing which water filter system to buy:

1) The top selling systems you can find on the Internet today are so-called "reverse osmosis water filtering systems" or simply "distillation". These are in fact not the best option since even though they can do a pretty fine job of removing contaminants and toxins; they as well take away the useful minerals that are very important for our physical condition.

We evolved to drink water with significant minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and others. We can’t find de-mineralized water appear in nature.

For example, Aquasana’s filters use a selective filtration system. It’s a mixture of carbon filtration, ion-exchange and sub-micron filtration  to easily make delicious, safe and healthy water in the home.

2) Lots of systems do not utilize multi-filtration. This denotes that a number of the most horrible toxic components are not filtered out, and you can still be drinking some of that bad stuff you are trying to get rid of.

3) In the main, we don't think about the purity of the water we cook food with or the water we bathe in. Keep in mind: every time you shower, the warm water opens up the pores of your skin and all of that water goes through into the body.

Now, there are a lot of well known trademarks and companies out there that manufacture good quality, decent products. But dollar for dollar, I couldn’t find better than Aquasana water filtering systems. The fact that they have been nominated "Best Buy" by Consumer Digest magazine 6 years running now speaks for itself.

Water Consumption Calculator

How Much Pure Water to Drink Daily?


US Ounces

Just keep in mind that water requirements can change depending on exercises, the weather, pregnancy and breastfeeding and even your health condition.

I wish you all the best. :-)


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